Apr 4, 2023

Top UX/UI Design Trends for 2023

Top UX/UI Design Trends for 2023

Every brand and company has recognized the importance of User experience and how it impacts their business. This has made competition cut-throat, and if you want to survive, you will need to get with the trends evolving each day. After doing extensive research and looking at the UI/UX designs, the following trends I found common amongst all of them. With the help of these trends, you will be able to reshape your UX/UI design and not lag behind. So don't snooze and start reshaping your brand with these trends, so let's jump right into it!

Motion Design:

The way any user interacts with their device is combined with actions and reactions. Motion design has become a vital part of user experience, and the more seamless it is, the better. Motion design aims to provide an innovative way for the user to experience the product.
With the latest UI/UX trends, brands use it to tell their story with the help of motion design. With the help of motion design, you can add depth to user interaction and grab the user's attention. It provides a storytelling experience that attracts users to not lose interest. You can say it is like talking to your device; the user feels more in touch with the product.
When users interact with any product, they want to get to their destination and not waste any time, and with motion design, they can navigate easily.

"In the context of user interfaces, motion is more than a visual garnish. It is a compelling force that bolsters product engagement and extends the reach of design communication."- Micah Bowers.

You will see more and more use of motion design in the future as brands will embrace the interactivity that is provided by it. In 2023 no doubt motion design will be a big part of UX/UI design trends.

Visual Storytelling:

Another trend that has been seen quite often and will continue to see in 2023 is visual storytelling. With the help of visual storytelling, you can combine text with images or videos and give the users a more immersive experience.

For example, when creating a UX/UI design for a company or a brand, you must remember their story and what will appeal to the user. Users who can't connect with a brand won't feel inclined to invest in the product. As this trend is getting more common, the user now expects it from every brand.
Users interact and respond better to visual storytelling because they can process the information much faster and retain it for longer.

Neuroscientists at MIT found that the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

Therefore brands are focusing on UX/UI design and how they can provide the best experience possible.

AI-based UX Design:

AI has been taking over the internet and will continue to do so in 2023. AI has also become a part of UX Design, and designers use automation tools to help them create more effective

designs. With AI, designers can automate the user research and testing process and make it quicker. With that, they can generate designs, automate colors and resize the design.

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, “generative design involves using algorithms and machine learning to generate new design solutions based on user data and feedback.”

We will have a more effective and interactive user experience with AI automation.


Modern, minimal style has been part of UI/UX design for quite some time and has become boring. Therefore an old trend is coming back in style Neo-brutalism.

Neubrutalism doesn't follow the modern design layout and design; it is more about abstract design. It is said to be the rebellious child of modern minimalist design. In Neubrutalism, you can see bold fonts, spacing, color contrast, and visually striking animations.

When you often interact with modern UI/UX design, we almost use them as muscle memory as most feature layouts are placed in the same position, and you often have to look at the logo to see which brand you are scrolling through.

Well, this can be comforting for users. But, on the other hand, it can become mundane, which is why Neubrutalism has made a comeback, and you will see it more in 2023.

Example of Neubrutalism: Maze Disco Conference

A good example of neubrutalism design is the UI/UX design of Maze Disco Conference. You can see that they have a very colorful palette with a cartoonish look, yet it provides the users with all the necessary information. Moreover, it appeals to kids and adults by giving them a blast from the past.


Similar to neubrutalism gradient in UI?UX has become the latest trend; you will see more of it in 2023. Gradients have been quite popular since the 2000s when flat designs came into play. With the new luminous colors, designers have a wider color palette to play with and make their designs more appealing.

In the sea of webpages and apps, designers are adapting new trends to stand out, and one of them is gradient. With the help of gradients, designers can direct user attention to the area they want and make their experience more accessible and smooth.

Similar to the trends above, this trend's popularity also lies in making the user experience as real as possible. For example, with flat images, the users can't connect with the brand as it doesn't seem real, but by adding gradients, there is a sense of light and shadows, which creates a sense of dimension.


UX/UI design is an ever-evolving field that has grown tremendously in the past few years. As technology advances, UX/UI designers must stay current on the latest trends and techniques. I will keep you up to date with more trends and in the meantime if you want an expert to take a look at your design get in contact with our expert and get a free consultation.

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